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Gandalph was raised as an orphan in a school of magic located in Glantri city. While he was still young, he attained the Amulet of Ultimate Wisdom as well as the title "Evilman Killer". Using the powers of the Holy Grail, he defeated the amber dragon, Veledam. He became Baron of Malpheggi under the King of Glantri and ruled over the swamps from an abandoned castle. He accidentally destroyed the village of Darokin by losing control of an earth elemental. Years later, he commereated the village by giving it's name to a village he financed and helped construct for a tribal band of swamp elves. He married Krissella, daughter of the Baronness of Kelven, but the union didn't last. The Dark PaladinGandalph sometimes acted with questionable morality, such as sleeping with other women or staging a false resucue of Glantri city when it was mysteriously attacked by an earth elemental. But he has always ended up confessing to the surprised king or furious girlfriend. He convinced the dwarves of Granite Falls to enter into the civil war on the Grand Duch's side. He served as magus to the King of Selenica and ruled briefly during a time when the king had stepped down. He played a major part in defeating the Dark Paladin's men in a representational fight over the rule of Selenica. Later that same day, he helped Stalfor defile the Dark Paladin's temple. After Selenica was later taken over by the neo-monsters, Gandalph helped win the city back by summoning the Dark Paladin. The Dark Paladin destoryed all the neo-monsters in the city but also took Gandalph out as well. He also helped free Threshold from the neo-monster's grasp using a magical rainstorm. Gandalph has had two sons, the first by the thief Ellena Charisma, named Jon. The second was lost to a neo-monster attack before it was named. Gandalph is as skilled in the arts of bard and jester as he is at spell combinations, although he is just as likely to stand in the background of a fight and play his bamboo flute.


19th level Wizard
5th level Druid

AC:-5 Strength 12
HP:24 Intelligence 13 +1
DMG:1d8+3 Wisdom 18 +3
THAC0:13 Dexterity 7 +3
Melee/Missile:+3/+3 Constitution 9
Move:360 ft/round (flying) Charisma 8 -1


52 undead bats (in bag of changing)


Ki Heal (1d12)
Ki Bolt (1d4)

Equipped Items

Staff of Angel's Hand (cast spells up to 60')
Blue Brimmed Wizard’s Hat
Master Sword, sheathed (+3, remove curse 1/day, charge 1 round to attack all 4 surrounding spots at -2 hit roll with double damage, charage and attack in same round for half damage)
Circlet of Economization (gives spell points)
Ring of Spell Turning
Angel Robe (+4, grows wings, 1/2 magic dmg)
Small sack
Bag of Changing
Continual Light Lantern
Feather fall cloak (+4)
Signet ring
Ring of Protection (+3) ©
Girdle of Dexterity
Boots of travelling and leaping

Small Bag

18 gp
Sheliatas bank note
Sm metal chest (wizard locked) with 16 blue tristals (50,000 gp each)
Preserved garlic
Book of Shogaria
Wand of Magic Missiles
Magdeline's Spellbook
Rene's Spellbook


3 Potions of Healing
3 ambers (100 gp ea)
Mage's Best Friend (gives spells as +1 level)
bamboo flute
Blue Robe of the Hourglass (+2)
Staff of Chaos (+1)
Tome of Wind Spirits
pink puff tail (50,000 gp)
Helm of Telepathy

Bag of Changing

Blue rope ©
Scroll of phantasmal force ©
Vial of oil ©
2 quills ©
Stuffed griffon ©
Flute of summoning ©
Red jester's cap (+1 to everything) ©
Huge frying pan ©
Scroll of shield ©
Clown costume (+2) ©
Egg of Healing ©
Egg of Bouncing ©
Egg w/ glowing yolk ©
52 undead bats ©

Horseless Wagon w/ 4 Horses

3 large chests (wizard locked) & 14 large sacks
30,000 gp (in sacks)

First Chest

Deep dragon scales
3 dresses (800, 900, 1300)
10 oil flasks

Second Chest

Crossbow, "Ronald II" (cont darkness, produces bolts)
Potion of Polymorph
small bag
4 daggers
Green Spell Book
Waterdust Dagger
Waterdust Suit
Dark brown robs with dagger slits
Morning Star (+3)
Ring of water walking
Egg of wonder (grizzly)
Flying carpet

Third Chest

20 cn bottle of ink
Magical inkwell
10 cn bottle magic ink
20 blank scrolls
10 blank magic scrolls
Potion of healing
Potion elasticity
Potion of speed
Book on enhancement items
Book on wands
Book on daggers
Book on staves
Book on protection items
Collection of books on potions

Sheliatis Bank

39,329 gp
4 jewels (1400 ea)
crown (5000 gp ea)

Natural Spells

Spell Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
No. of Spells 2 2 0 0 0 0 0
Level 1 faerie fire, cure light wounds
Level 2 obscure, heat metal

Economization points: 6/6

Arcane Spells

Spell Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
No. of Spells 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 0
Level 1 magic missile, detect magic, sleep, ventriloquism, darkness, protection from evil
Level 2 continual light, knock, web, invisibility, wizard lock
Level 3 dispel magic, protection from normal missiles, riding disc, fly, haste
Level 4 polymorph self, ice storm, magic mirror, charm monster, absorb
Level 5 wall of stone, animate dead, magic jar, passwall
Level 6 reincarnation, antimagic shell, infinite image, steal items
Level 7 lore, teleport any object, sword
Level 8 permanence, travel

Economization points: 53/132

Other Notes

Lost Items

Stone of Earth Elementals, Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, staff +2, +6 vs dragons, dragon breath 1/day ©

Given or Loaned Items

  • 2 Adamantite Daggers (+5) - Stalfor
  • Ring of prot +1 - Viper
  • Paid for Magic Mirror spell for Krissella
  • Ring of Fire/Cold Resistance - Viper
  • Ferengi Whip (+4, 6d6 lit bolts with save vs wands for half, 12d6 shock with save vs death for none, nonlethal lit damage half recovered after rest) - Splinter
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