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Alphatian ruling and noble families


Ok, in Wikipedia terms I'll be BOLD and here's a start of testing how to do a genealgy section. Unfortunately I realise now that Alphatia was not a good place to start given A) their disbelief in marriage and B) their lack of intermarriage with families outside of alphatia, but it can still be useful for experimenting with some internal formatting.Greg Weatherup 2008/07/25 03:02

Imperial Family

Tylion IV, Emperor (?-retires AY 1962)
a. Eriadna, b. AY 1920, Empress (AY 1962-current). Eriadna has children with Torenal and with Zyndryl

Royal Families (Current)


Family or House Name?

Torenal, a General of the Imperial Guard has four children, one with unknown and three with Empress Eriadna.
1. Lernal (son with unknown), the Swill, Governor of Landfall
2. Ericall (son with Eriadna), King of Norwold, King of Alpha
3. Tredorian (son with Eriadna), Thyatian hostage
a. Mariella (daughter with Eriadna), m. King Norlan of Qeodhar

non-canonical: The FGaz series refers to Ericall's half-brother Farian who was killed in Landfall during a botched kidnapping attempt by Thyatian agents


Liliene I Shakewole Cerlia, d. 1445 AY, Queen of Ambur (1411 AY-1445 AY)
a. Liliene II
Joerian I the Elder, b. 1915 AY, King of Ambur (1939 AY-1990 AY)
a. Elshetara III, b. 1961 AY, Queen of Ambur
1. Callermin, b. 1965 AY
2. Joerian the Young, b. 1970 AY, m. ?

Noble Families


Of Ambur
2. Ramalles
?. 6 children total
?.a.Ysabel Caene, b. 1958 AY, m. Igoron de Camargo
Karash also has 16 nephews.


Qagtay IV the Wise, King of Ambur (c. 1043 AY)
Qagtay XIII, d. 1411 AY, King of Ambur (?-1411 AY)

de Camargo

Of Ambur
1. Igoron de Camargo, b. 1948 AY, Baron of Miligan, Protector of the Mainland, m. Ysabel Caene
1.1. Feldoran, b. 1989 AY
2. Temurian de Camargo, b. 1952 AY, Lord of Miligan


of Archon Prime, Floating Ar
1. Widdemar, Sky Lord of Haaken
1.1. Haldemar (b.1911AY), Prince, Admiral
1.2. Felldorian (b.1912AY), m. Ethrenielle
1.2.1. Ethredorian
1.2.a. Felldorielle
1.2.-. Dardaniel, mother was mixed Djinni
1.a. Auriane
2. ?
2.1. Dalamar, President of the Grand Council


Of Ambur
1. ?, Baron of Rhonerra
1.a. Sara, b. 1959 AY, Baroness of Rhonerra
2. ?, d. ?
2.a. Rowler, b. 1980 AY


Family or House Name?

Zyndryl, King of Aquas, has children with Empress Eriadna and with Lynnia the mermaid
a. Eldrethila (daughter with Eriadna), Queen of Theranderol
1. Zandor (son with Eriadna)
b. Zynnia (daughter with Lynnia)

Obviously The birthorder would likely change the listings somewhat, and more info can be added but I just want to get a start and as I mentioned the Alphatian page was probably not a good place to start.Greg Weatherup 2008/07/25 03:02

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