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Prominent Dwarven Families

Buhrodar Clan

Clan Buhrodar was formed as the 8th Clan in Dengar, in 287 BC, from the Buhrod-hrodar Family

King Denwarfin, reigned 36-39

Who's the current clan head?

Everast Clan

Clan Everast is one of the three original Denwarf Clans of Dengar, 1800 BC

other notes:
Everast VII, King (98 BC-54 BC)
Everast VIII, King (16 BC-AC 36)

1st Everast dynasty:
Everast I through Everast VI, reigned 1400 BC-1161 BC
Everast VI chose Thoric to succed him as king, rather than his own son.

2nd Everast dynasty:
Everast IX through Everast XII, reigned 39-296

current (3rd Everast dynasty):
1.Barin, King Everast XIII (836-901)
1.1. Bofin, King Everast XIV (901-960)
1.1.1. Bifin, Senator (?-990), King Everast XV (960-1011), m. Nais (his cousin, d. 980) Bofin, General of Karrak Castle Garrison (995-1011), King Everast XVI (1011-present)
1.1.1.a. Noris, Senator (990-present)
1.1.1.b. Duris, General of Stahl Garrison (995-present)
1.1.a. Nais
1.1.a.a. Duris, (b. 950), Joined the Military in 970

Question: Do I have something wrong or are there two Duris, daughter of Nais, who are both in the Military??

Hurwarf Clan

Clan Hurwarf was formed from the Lyrrast family as the 5th clan in Dengar in 1089 BC.

Includes kings Thoric II & III, reigned 600-506

Who's the current clan head?

Makrest Clan

This clan was formed from settlers in the Southern Altan Tepes mountains, who had largely broken their connection with the Rockhome kingship after the disasterous reign of King Bollo and the subsequent time of the Senate (98 BC - 39 AC) and at the time cooperated with Emperor Zendrolion of Thyatis and became the Barony of Buhrohur. They were later reconciled during the reign of Everast IX and recognized as the 7th clan in the 1st Century AC. While subject to the Thyatian Empire and not the Dwarven King, they still consider themselves Rockhome dwarves first, Thyatian citizens second. However, they have now lived for so many generations under this arrangement, that many in the younger generations view themselves as Thyatian Citizens (1st) of Rockhome descent (secondarily). This generational issue worries many in Markrast, the barony and clan's capital.
The ruler has three unique titles, the Thyatian title of Baron of Buhrohur, the traditional title of Clan Head, and Dulgardar as an (formerly) independent dwarven domain.

Blyskarats Family

Brock Blyskarats, m1. Astrid Khystar, m2. Nail Erkras
two son's with his 1st wife (birthorder unclear):
1. Wagton Blyskarats, General
2. ?
and a daughter with his 2nd wife
a. Gilla Blyskarats (b. 950), Baroness, Clan head, Dulgardar (AC 996- present)

Skarrad Clan

Clan Skarrad was one of the three original Denwarf Clans of Dengar in Smaggeft, 1800 BC

other notes:
King Hurgon, reigned 54-16

Filia (f)
a. Kori Fire-Eye (b.980). Cousin of Duro the clan head

Nordenshield family

1. Duro, (d.990), Clan Head, m. 988 Thrais (daughter of Thori of the Wyrwarf). Thrais is now clan head (990-present)
2. Bolto, Ambassador to Karameikos (aft. 990-present)

Syrklist Clan

Clan Syrklist was formed in 1323 BC as the 4th clan from the Syrklist family of Skarrad Clan

1st dynasty:
founded by Korinn son of Gloin who became king Daroban I in 438 BC
Kings Daroban I through Daroban III, reigned 438 BC - 236 BC

2nd dynasty:
1. Kuric, King Daroban IV (296-326)
1.1. Doric, King Daroban V (326-370)
1.1.1. Korinn, King Styrklint I (370-414)
1.1.1.a. Thrais, Queen Thrais I (414-479)
1.1.1.a.1. Doric, King Daroban VI (479-535)
1.1.1.a.1.a. Nais, Queen Syrklis I (545-611)
1.1.1.a.1.a.1. Doric, King Daroban VII (611-666)
1.1.1.a.1.a.1.a. Thrais, Queen Thrais II (666-726)
1.1.1.a.1.a.1.a.a. Nais, Queen Syrklis II (726-797)
1.1.1.a.1.a.1.a.a.1. Korin, King Styrklint II (797-836)

1. Dwalur, m. Dia daughter of Fara, Co-Clan head (950-present)

Dulgar family

Adopt- Morur

Shieldkroten family:

Thuric & Fara, Clan head’s (?-950)
a. Dia, m. Dwalur son of Belfur, Co-Clan head (950-present)
b. Bali, m. 950 Korin son of Orin, Co-Clan head of Torkrest (950-present)

also Dia's cousin is Thrumbar Shieldkroten, propriator of the Long Bar Tavern in Specularum

Torkrest Clan

Clan Torkrest was one of the three original Denwarf Clans of Dengar, 1800 BC

1st Dynasty:
Thoric, King Thoric I (1161-1119) 1. Thorin, King Blystar I (1119-1062) later kings of this line include Blystar II through Blystar VII, and Blystats I, reigned 1062 - 730

2nd Dynasty:
Kings Blystats III (aka Sardal I) and Blystar X, reigned 506-438

3rd Dynasty:
Kings Sardal II, Sardal III, Blystar XI, and Bollo (who had an Everast mother), reigned 236-98

Current line:
1. Korin, Military (<850-950), Co-Clan head (950-present), m. Bali daughter of Fara.
1.1. Balin (b.c.950), joined the Military in 970 (NCO by 975, Captain by 985), General of Dengar Garrison (995-present)
1.a. Balis (b. 952), joined the Military in 972 (NCO by 977, Captain by 987), General of Fort Denwarf Garrison (997-present)

Buhrod-hrodar family

Kings Blystar VIII, Blystats II, & Blystar IX, reigned 730-600.
later became the Buhrodar Clan.

Wyrwarf Clan

Clan Wyrwarf was recognized in 803 BC as the 11th clan

Kurutar family

Dorfin, m. the Clan Head (?-970)
1. Belfin Elf-Friend (b. 910), m. Gilia Songsmith of Highforge, daughter of Toris, together they are Co-Clan heads (970-present)


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