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Thyatian Families

Families descended from one of the three stocks of the original Thyatian tribes- Thyatians, Kerendans, & Hattians.

The Purple Families



Also known as the Gabrionites
Gabrion Eusebos (b. to peasants in Retebius), rose to become Master of the Imperial Stables and then Giovanni II's Vestarios (Chamberlian) & advisor, Emperor (AC 876-898) as Gabrionus III the Unforgiving, m. Anna Prothemian, the widow of Giovanni II
1. Gabrionus IV the Conqueror, Emperor (AC 898-913), though some rumors have him as son of Giovanni II. Dies fighting a Fiend
1.1. Gabrionus V the Erudite (b.c. 896), Emperor (AC 914-960), killed by Alphatians during the Spike Assault
1.1.a. Gabriela, m. Thincol Torion
1.1.x. rest of family killed by Alphatians during Spike Assault


Though originally not Thyatian by blood, this is the family of the current emperor so it is listed here.
Tor & Liena in Oceansend
1. Thrainkell Torson, aka Thincol I Torion, Emperor (960-1012), rescues and m. Gabriela Eusebos
1.1. Eusebius (b. 961), Emperor (1012-present)
1.a. Stefania (b. 970)
1.b. Asteriela (b. 979)
a. ?, m. ? Firestorm
a.1. Donegal Firestorm, Grand Duke of Westrourke (AC 970)

von Hattias

originally known as the III Tatriokanitas, this family of pro-Thyatian Hattians became Counts of Hattias (the first Hattian family to rule Hattias since the civil war) and eventually married into the throne.
1. Gabrionus I Tatriokanitas the Great, Count of Hattias (794-812)
1.1. Zendrolion IX the Republican, Count of Hattias (812-823)
1.1.a. Terentia III the Healer, Countess of Hattias (823-830)
1.1.1. Rudolph, aka Rudolvos Porphora, Count of Hattias (830-843), Co-Emperor (831-842), Emperor (842-843), m. Empress Olivia Porphirio Adolf or Adolphus, Emperor (843-864) Giovanni II, Emperor (864-876), m. Anna Prothemian Gabrionus II, Regent of Hattias

Titled Families


Descend from Knight Heraclonian Chrysavian, or Sir Actius, Governor of Aegos, 1st Count of Actius
1. Hamil Actavius or Rupert Actavius, Count of Actius (?-989 or ?-c.980), lost at sea, m. Erlena McRhomaag
1.1. Geraldan Actavius (b. 949 or 947), Fleet Captain, Count of Actius (AC 989 to present), m1. (971) Dalia Salieri (rich daughter of a renowned Kerendan musician), m21). Antonia (b. 956)
1.1.1. Heraclius Actavius (b. 980), son w/Dalia
1.1.2. a son w/Dalia ?
1.1.a. a daughter w/Dalia
1.1.-. a bastard daughter w/Antonia (b. 995)
2. Rutiliano Actavius. Lieutenant General (c. AC 988-997), Actavius family senatorial representative. Has 2 illegitimate daughters and 4 grandchildren
Also Geraldan's cousin is Ultimus Actavius (b. 955), see Sirenides


1. Hussein Biazzan, Caid (Baron) of Biazzan (AC?-998/9 or ?-996), m. Emilia Kasser (dau. Of a Thyatian woman and a Tel-Akbirian aristocrat
1.1. Babrak Muhammad Al-Fahmas Biazzan (b. 971 or 962), Regent of Biazzan (AC 998-999), Caid (Baron) of Biazzan (AC 999) (or Baron since 996), m. Gallia (b. 967)
1.1.1. Himerius Biazzan (b. 993)
1.1.a. Maisha Biazzan (b. 995)
1.a. Malika Biazzan (b. 981)
1.b. Aisha Biazzan (b. 985), m. Ahmed El Nicoui (b. 983)


The current Dukes of Kerendas. By tradition, the Duke of Kerendas all take the Kerendas surname
1. Aristides Dassinites (d. 994), duke of Kerendas (?-994)
1.1. Cymon
1.2. Lisias
1.3. Maldinius Thera Dassinites (b. 965), Duke of Kerendas, m. Catarina Medisci
1.3.1. Philippos, Archon of Hesperia (1017)
1.a. Astra

In some manner Philippos is a cousin of Lucianna (future wife of Emperor Eusebius Torion) but I haven't found any info about her


By tradition, the reigning dukes family takes the Kerendas surname. The currently so entitled family are the Dassinites.
What are some of the previous families?
How do the following individuals tie in?
* Duke Belisarius Antonoterion, pseudo-Emperor 878-880?
* Lady Celia Kerendas, Grand Duke Stefan Karameikos’s maternal grandmother?
* also, the unnamed Duke of Kerendas who duels and kills Emperor Marcus in 783?


Question 1: Are they descended from Emir Muhad Benaker?? (I'm thinking not)
Question 2: Should this instead be listed under 'ben Nadir'?
1. Tarik ben Nadir, Sheik (Duke) of Tel Akbir (?-1017)
1.1. Farid ben Nadir, Emir of Tel Akbir (1017-1017)
1.a. Jamila ben Nadir, Duchess 1017
a. Leilah ben Nadir, General, Governor (Governess? Governor-General?) of the Hinterlands (988-1017), Exarcha of Davania (1017-)


Gustav Oesterhaus, Count of Hattias (c. 860-864)
1. Hansel the Peacemaker, Count of Hattias (c. 864-c.890)
1.1. Lucinius IV the Magefriend, Count of Hattias (c.890-c.930)
1.1.1. Lucinius V the Conjurer, Count of Hattias (c.903-c.913)
1.1.2. Zendrolion X the Strategist, Count of Hattias (c. 913-c.955) Roman, Count of Hattias (c.955-967), m. Corinna Woolrich Heinrich (b. 955), Count of Hattias (967/976-present) Bernhard, Regent of Hattias for young Heinrich (967-976)

Karameikan Thyatians

Within the last 100 years, many thayatians have settled in Traladara (now Karameikos) and many form the noble crust of that land.


1. Antillius "Antilles" Halaran
1.1. Sherlane Halaran, Baron of Threshold, Patriarch of Threshold
1.2. Merrik Halaran, Thyatian soldier.
1.2.a. Aleena Halaran (b. 978), Knight of the Order of the Griffon
1.2.b. Anielle Halaran


1. Desmond Kelvin I, "Thyatian Officer and Gentleman", Baron, killed in a duel 995, m. Lady Evelina
1.1. Desmond Kelvin II, b. 977, Baron
1.a. Lady Alerena Kelvin, engaged to Kaerin Penhaligon
note: Cannonically Alerena is Desmond II's daughter, but the timing and most fannon have her as Desmond I's daughter.

Other families


1. Eusebius
1.1. ?
1.1.1. Flavian ? Helenites Osteropolus, Senator


Actian senatorial family of sirine blood, by special decree the Sirenides pass the surname on through the female lineage2)
1. Corbus Sirenides (930-988?), senator, disappeared, m. Paiza (b. 936)
1.a. Janine Sirenides (b.957), mater familias senator, m. Ultimus Actavius cousin of Count Geraldan
1.a.a. Teodora Sirenides (b.980)
1.a.b. ?
1.a.c. ?

See Also

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during the wrath war
see Threshold #5; p.203
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