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Dead template in Hollow World section

The following text appears at the start of the Hollow World section:

This is MediaWiki code that would insert the following text:

Main Article: Hollow World

However, DokuWiki not only doesn't handle templates the same way, it actually uses the word template to describe something totally different to what MediaWiki means by a template. I've had a search on the DokuWik website, to see how to fix this, but I'm stumped.

If you want to see how this should look in a real page, please surf over to the Garden article on Spelljammer Wiki and then scroll down the page to see the individual links for the planet's 12 satellites (moons in this case).

Being able to do the same thing at this wiki would be incredibly useful. If anyone can fix this, please do.

And if you do find a solution, please post a note on my Talk Page, as I want to be able to add this and other templates to pages myself. If you surf around Spelljammer Wiki, you will see that I've used a number of templates to group together associated pages (like all the planets in Krynnspace) and I think that would be really useful for helping people navigate around subjects like 'Nations of the Hollow World'. — David Shepheard 2009/11/01 05:26

Dokuwiki definitely doesn't have something that works like that in MediaWiki. That's probably the #1 main drawback to dokuwiki. I did install a couple of plugins that help, but they still don't come anywhere near being able to create your own templates. I'm hoping they will come out with that later. In the mean time, I keep wondering how hard it would be to convert the wiki. — Angelo Bertolli 2009/11/01 06:02
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