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Unofficial namespace

I was thinking of changing 'unofficial' to 'community' because it sounds better. Since you were the only one who has anything under there, I thought I would ask you first. What do you think? It only requires me to move the directory name on the server. — Angelo Bertolli 2010/04/02 21:10

Also, if birthright and/or genealogy are not considered canon by the Mystara folks, do you mind if we move them under community/birthright or community/genealogy ? — Angelo Bertolli 2010/04/02 21:19

Whatever you think is best, though I'm hoping that eventually someone else will start helping out on the genealogy. — Greg Weatherup 2010/04/02 23:57
PS I know that on wikipedia the standard to use when replying to a post on your talk page is to reply back on the other person's talk page, but I never understood why, hence I replied here and not on your talk page.
Ok great. Is the genealogy stuff from almanac/canon stuff from one of the Wizards products? I will be putting everything else under community. (I also didn't like the Wikipedia discussion methods.) — Angelo Bertolli 2010/04/05 13:57
It's a mix from various canon & fannon. Perhaps we need some sort of tag or something to distinquish what is what. — Greg Weatherup 2010/04/06 23:23
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