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David "Big Mac" Shepheard

Things I am interested in

Stuff I like:

Spelljammer Wiki

  • I am the creator of Spelljammer Wiki. A wiki on Wikia that hopes to create a hyperlinked encyclopedia of Spelljammer canon.

Mystara Wiki

  • At Mystara Wiki, you are more likely to see me doing minor edits to fix typos. There is no official connection between Mystara and Spelljammer, but if and when unofficial Mystaraspace content gets uploaded onto Mystara Wiki, you may well see me here more often.

Places outside Mystara Wiki where you can see my work

If you are really interested in me then here is where you can find more of me:

  • I have created one article on Beyond the Moons and contributed to the 3rd edition Spelljammer conversion.
  • I am webmaster for the Virtual Eclipse (a science fiction role playing club)
  • I chat to friends in the Public Mouth group
  • I also spend some time talking to webmasters at the Sveit community.
  • I also edit articles on the English version of Wikipedia, but as there is now a deletionist attack against most roleplaying articles, I'd prefer to work with D&D wikis, and other similar sources.

Want to ask me something or tell me something?

Pop over to my discussion page and say hi.

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