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An adventure is a written collection of plot, character, and location details used by a Dungeon Master to manage the plot or story in a role-playing game. Generally an adventure will have an overall goal to be accomplished by a party of player characters, and guidelines about the prerequisites for success. It then subdivides the plot into a set of scenes that the players could encounter during the course of play, and provide descriptions of the locations, details on creatures and other characters that could be encountered, and information concerning potential obstacles and hazards. The adventure will often contain one or more maps that the DM can use to locate points of interest and manage movement.


A module is the most common form of adventure, consiting of a singular goal within a self-contained plot which may be played alone, or within a series of modules, strung together in an episodic manner to create a campaign.

Basic Modules

PubCode Title Level Location
B1 In Search of the Unknown 1-3 Karameikos
B2 The Keep on the Borderlands 1-3 Karameikos
B3 Palace of the Silver Princess (orange cover) 1-3 Glantri
B3 Palace of the Silver Princess (green cover) 1-3 Karameikos
B4 The Lost City 1-3 Ylaruam
B5 Horror on the Hill 1-3 Undefined
B6 The Veiled Society 1-3 Karameikos
B7 Rahasia 1-3 Darokin
B8 Journey to the Rock 1-3 Undefined
B1-9 In Search of Adventure 1-3 Karameikos
B10 Night's Dark Terror 2-4 Karameikos
B11 King's Festival 1-3 Karameikos
B12 Queen's Harvest 1-3 Karameikos
DDA1 Arena of Thyatis Low Thyatis
DDA2 Legions of Thyatis 3-4 Thyatis
DDA3 Eye of Traldar 1-2 Karameikos
DDA4 The Dymrak Dread 1-3 Karameikos

Expert Modules

PubCode Title Level Location
X1 Isle of Dread 3-7 Sea of Dread
X2 Chateau d'Ambreville (Castle Amber) 3-6 Glantri
X3 Curse of Xanathon 5-7 Vestland
X4 Master of the Desert Nomads 6-9 Great Waste
X5 Temple of Death ?-? Hule
X6 Quagmire! 4-10 Serpent Peninsula
X7 War Rafts of Kron 9-12 Sea of Dread
X8 Drums on Fire Mountain 5-8 Sea of Dread
X9 The Savage Coast 4-10 Savage Coast
X10 Red Arrow, Black Shield 10-14 Known World
X11 Saga of the Shadow Lord 5-9 Wendar
X12 Skarda's Mirror 5-8 Karameikos
X13 Crown of Ancient Glory 7-10 Vestland
XL1 Quest for the Heartstone 5-10 Ghyr
XS2 Thunderdelve Mountain ?-? Thunderdelve Mountain
DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor 10-14 Blackmoor
DA2 Temple of the Frog 10-14 Blackmoor
DA3 City of the Gods 10-14 Blackmoor
DA4 The Duchy of Ten 10-14 Blackmoor

Companion Modules

PubCode Title Level Location
CM1 Test of the Warlords 15+ Norwold
CM2 Death's Ride 15-20 Norwold
CM3 Sabre River 18-22 Norwold
CM4 Earthshaker! 18-20 Norwold
CM6 Where Chaos Reigns 17-19 Aelos
CM7 Tree of Life Elves 8+ Sylvan Realm
CM8 The Endless Stair 15-20 Glantri
CM9 Legacy of Blood 15-19 Darokin

Master Modules

PubCode Title Level Location
M1 Into the Maelstrom 25-30 Norwold/Old Alphatia
M2 Alphaks' Revenge 28-32 Norwold
M3 Twilight Calling 30-35 Broken Lands
M4 Five Coins for a Kingdom 28-32 Norwold
M5 Talons of Night 20-25 Isle of Dawn

Immortal Modules

PubCode Title Level Location
IM1 The Immortal Storm Temporal Chicago/New York City
IM2 Wrath of Olympus Temporal Broken Lands
IM3 The Best of Intentions Temporal Outer Planes

Solo Modules

PubCode Title Class Level Location
BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle Magic-User or Elf 1-3 Ethengar
XSOLO Lathan's Gold Any 4-6 Sea of Dread
M1 Blizzard Pass Thief 1-3 Undefined
M2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur Any 1-3 Vacros
O1 The Gem and the Staff Thief 8 Undefined
O2 Blade of Vengeance Any 4-6 Alfheim
CM5 Mystery of the Snow Pearls Elf 25-30 Undefined

Hollow World Modules

PubCode Title Level Location
HWA1 Nightwail ?-? Glantri/Azcan Empire
HWA2 Nightrage ?-? Nithia
HWA3 Nightstorm ?-? Shahjapur
HWA4 The Milenian Scepter ?-? Milenian Empire


A campaign is a series of adventures, that is run over many sessions. It is often designed to provide a plot of epic scope, arranged in an episodic manner. The campaign normally has a common theme holding it together, such as a major villainous opponent, a great disaster, or an epic journey.

  • Desert Nomads
  • Wrath of the Immortals
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Side Quests

A side quest is a short adventure module that has all the elements of a full-sized module, except for it's size and the amount of time required to play through in its entirety. Side quests are often used as one-shot adventures that can be placed anywhere within an existing campaign. Side quests are typically not connected with a main campaign's story-line, as such, they can often be used without interrupting plot of the larger story.

  • This list is incomplete, help expand it!
Adventure Title Original Source Level Location
The Treasure of the Hideous One AC2 Combat Shield and Mini-adventure 4-7 Karameikos
The Kidnapping of Princess Arelina AC3 3-D Dragon Tiles 2-5 Undefined
The Spindle of Heaven AC7 Master Player Screen 26-36 Sind or Ylaruam
The Clearing of Castle Caldwell B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond 1-3 Undefined
Dungeons of Terror B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond 1-3 Undefined
The Abduction of Princess Sylvia B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond 1-3 Undefined
The Great Escape B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond 1-3 Undefined
The Sanctuary of Elwyn the Ardent B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond 1-3 Undefined

Plot Hooks

A plot hook, or scenario, consists of little more than a suggested method of enticing the PCs into begining the adventure, and the most rudimentary outline that the adventure would follow. Scenarios leave the vast majority of the adventure, including locations and encounters, up to the DM to create.

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Fan-made Modules

Adventure Title Author Publisher Level Location
BA1 The Tomb of Thob Shanwood Agathokles Vaults of Pandius 1-3 Sea of Dread
BA2 Night Terrors Agathokles Vaults of Pandius 1-2 Sind
DF22 Shadow Over Pendleton Geoff Gander Dragonsfoot 3-5 Darokin
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