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Archer Bush

Physical Description

Archer bushes have sickly-looking green leaves, stunted trunks and thorny bown branches. The trunk looks like a 3 foot tall mound of leaves; they resemble common wild bramble bushes. Hidden under the leaves is a huge mouth.


Archer bushes do not grow underground (excepts, perhaps, in well-lit caverns or near cave mouths), but may are commonly found in woodlands, scrub areas, and occasionally in mountainous regions.

Archer bushes are carnivorous and can uproot themselves and move slowly towards their prey. The mouth is filled with extra hard thorns which the bush uses like teeth to devour prey once the prey is dead. They attack by shooting a spray of several small thorns at their victims. Archer bushes can shoot their thorn spray at targets up to 20 feet away. Each bush can only fire three such sprays in a day. Targets are sensed by ground vibrations; thus, they can fire at invisible or otherwise camouflaged victims. Only creatures who approach in flight are spared an attack.

Clumps of archer bushes commonly fire in concert, as if cooperating in a primative way, but this cooperation is based mostly on instinct. Encoutering a single archer bush is rearely a great threat; a group of archer bushes, however, can be deadly.

Druids sometimes cultivate and train archer bushes to guard their holiest sites.


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