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Desnae is a town and a region in Alfheim.

Desnae (Town)

This settlement of 2,500 elves is the Head-Quarters of the Chossum Clan. (2,500 is according to the Italian Demography document, is this number originally given in the GAZ?)


Desnae (Region)

(Here is a draft write up I had made for this portion of the Alfheim forest long ago, maybe it will be useful. This one was not as developed as the Ainsun entry
Note 1: This is geared toward an early version of my Birthright conversion so it needs some of that such stuff to be edited out.
Note 2: This was written before I learned of the Emerlas area.
Note 3: I no longer trust the 10,000 number that I used.

Greg Weatherup 2009/05/11 22:00

Desnae is the heart of Clan Chossum's territory. This clan (numbering about 10,000) is firmly in favor of outside contact and progress, as long as they can turn a profit. Some more conservative elves call the Chossums the "dwarves of Alfheim"; their love of money and desire for a good business deal seem decidedly unelvish. The Desnae region encompasses the central part of the Canolbarth forest, through which flow a variety of small rivers. It also includes the good magic point of Turnclaw.

Neighbors: For the most part, Desnae is surrounded by the great Canolbarth forest. Shieldtree & Elleromyr to the West, Ainsun to the North, Mealidor to the North-East, and Pinitel to the east. The forest also continues to the south for a way's, but this is part of the Darokin Borderlands, particularily the 'Barony' of Fenhold in the Cruth region.

Law: Lynnwyl Chossum is the clan master of Clan Chossum, both he and King Doriath have sway in Desnae.

Temple: Both Illsundal and Mealiden Starwatcher are honored here. There is rumors that some elves have started to follow the faith of Asterius.

Trade: Clan Chossum is the most mercantilly oriented of the clans, and cooperates closesly with Darokin's Umbarth house to export goods to and from Alfheim. Many members of Clan Chossum also independently are engaged in trade.

Magic: In typical elven style, the magic of the forest is used for the collective good. Many come to study magic at Turnclaw (a good magic point).

Army: 7th Irregulars (Archers): Alfheim has not been to war in several (human) generations. The backbone of this unit is 100 Elven Archers who serve part time. Another 10 or so elven fighter types complement this in times of need as do a cadre of 10 or so Elven Mages & Elven Clerics. It is captained by a Red Arrow Clan member.

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