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Clan Everast

The ruling clan of Rockhome, led by King Everast XV.

Everast clan is often considered the 'Royal' clan because a member of the Everast clan has been king for the majority of the history of Rockhome, including the years 1400-1161 BC (Everast I, succeeding Denwarf, through Everast VI), 98-54 BC (Everast VII), 16 BC-AC36 (Everast VIII), AC39-296 (Everast IX through XII), and since AC836 to the present king (begining with the reign of Everast XIII, the grandfather of the current Everast XV) and it is expected that Everast XV's son Bofin shall succeded as Everast XVI.

Important members today (circa AC1000-1010) include the King's three children, the aforementioned eldest Bofin who is currently the General of the garrison at Karrak Castle, and his two daughters Noris (a Everast Clan senator) and Duris (who is General of the Stahl Garrison). (Note: Is there any mention of important Everast members, ie Senators or such, outside of the immediate royal family?)

Source: Timeline of Dwarven Kings by Giulio Caroletti

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