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Emperor Leontius

There have been four Emperor's of Thyatis with this name, two from each of the related Scaurus and Isauricus dynasties.

Leontius I

Leontius I Aemilianus, the fourth emperor of the Scaurus dynasty. Assumed the throne at an advanced age in the year AC 95 after his elder brother Augustin II1) died. Having no children and no nephews nor nieces to carry on the dynasty, he quickly declares his friend and advisor, Lucius Metothemios, as his adoptive son and heir, and Lucius succeds Leontius later that same year as Lucius II Aemilianus Scaurus.

Other Family: Brother- Lucius I Aemilianus; Father- Augustin I2)

Leontius II

Leontius II Scaurus. The sixth and last emperor of the Scaurus dynasty, Leontius II reigned from AC 111 to AC 117. He was appointed by the senate to succeded Lucius II3). He was succeded by his son-in-law4) who reigned as Alexis I.

Other Family: Daughter- Eliana

Leontius III

The second of the Isauricus emperors. He reigned from AC 129 to AC 143, having succeded his father Alexis I and was succeded in turn by his son Zendrolion II after his ship is presumed lost at sea.

During his reign he launched a number of "glorious" wars5), some very successfull (ie the capture of Aegos from Alphatia), some moderately successfull (ie capturing some land in Bogland - modern Dunadale - from Alphatia), some disastrous (ie attacking the elves of Alfeisle during which his ship disappeared, never to be seen again).

Other Family: Mother- Eliana Scaurus

Leontius IV

The fourth of the Isauricus emperors. After his father, Zendrolion II, dies in AC 175 he is proclaimed Emperor. Leontius IV is one of the few emperor's to willingly resign, doing so in AC 180 in favour of his brother Demetius who reigns as Stefan I. Under Stefan I, Leontius IV is appointed as an Imperial General in which position he defends Thyatian interests on the Isle of Dawn and Aegos during hostilities with Alphatia, famously sinking the Alphatian fleet off Aegos.

Other Family: Niece- Valeria Isauricus


History of the Thyatian People at the Vaults by James Ruhland
Thyatian emperors at the Vaults by Simone Neri
About the Thyatian Emperor's discussion at the Piazza between M. C. (LoZompatore), S. Morris, S. Neri, & G. Weatherup

birth name: Paulus Aemilianus
birth name: Aemilius Scaurus
A distant cousin whom the senate overthrew in that year
Philippus Isauricus, a Popular Senator
In an attempted continuation and improvment of his father's policies
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