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Emperor Zendrolion

There have been two Emperor's of Thyatis with this name.

Zendrolion I

General Zendrolion Tatriokanitas, the first Emperor of Thyatis. Reigned from AC 0 till AC 20 and was succeded by his wife, Emperor Valentia the Justifier.

He was born in Kerendas in BC 41 and was apprenticed to a gladiator in BC 30. He rose to become Commander of Mercenaries in Kerendas City in BC 20, and under Governor Lucinius Trenzantenbium he was appointed General of Kerendas in BC 12.

He became the first Emperor of Thyatis, ruling over Thyatis, Hattias, Kerendas, Ochalea, the Pearl Islands, and the western half of the Isle of Dawn. His reign is known as the begining of "The Bright Age" by his supports, or as "The New Despotism" by his detractors. Kantrium, Retebius, Biazzan, and Buhrohur, are added as dominions during his reign.

Family: Wife Valentia and daughters.

Zondrolion II

The third emperor of the Isauricus dynasty, Zendrolion II reigned from AC 143 to AC 175. He succeded his father Leontius III. He was the father of Leontius IV, who succeded him, and of Stefan who became Demetius.

His reign is most notable for the addition of Tel Akbir and the Alasiyan colonies to the empire. He also improved relations with the Meditor and Verdier elves.


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Mishler Version

Zendrolion has been the most popular reign name of the recognized emperor's of Thyatis. There have been ten such Zendrolion's, dating back to the first emperor of The Thyatian Empire. They include:

Zendrolion emperor's of Thyatis

I Tatriokanitas dynasty

Zendrolion I, the Great, Emperor AC 0-20, First Thyatian Emperor and founder of the Tatriokanitas dynasty

Zendrolion II, the Warrior, Emperor 91-115, grandson of Zendrolion I

II Tatriokanitas dynasty

Zendrolion III, the Architect, Emperor AC 328-332

I Kerendans dynasty

Zendrolion IV, the Horse-Lord, Emperor AC 425-443

II Kerendans dynasty

Zendrolion V, the Inquisitor, Emperor AC 540-544

Oesterpolitian dynasty

Zendrolion VI, the Veiled, Emperor (?) AC 675-679

Zendrolion VII, the Hunter, Emperor 721-732

Zendrolion VIII, the Small Prince, Emperor 782-786

III Tatriokanitas dynasty

Zendrolion IX, the Republican, Emperor 812-823

Zendrolion X, the Strategist, Emperor 861-872


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