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Index of Terms

My original idea will probably have to wait, instead how is this- the start of either a Mystara Dictionary or an index for this wiki (we could develop this in either direction). Here is a start to the letter "A":

Goals for each entry:
Stage One- have each entry with a word or two in way of explanation
Stage Two- have each entry with a short sentence or two in way of explanation
Stage Three- have each entry be a link to an article on here

The first issue is we should set some guidelines for sorting names.

What does anyone think? Is/Would this be useful? I can start the first few letters but this will take a lot of work from others as well.

note: not all of these are worthy of being turned into full articles, probably the vast majority are not worthy.


Aalban - A Principality of Glantri ruled by the von Drachenfels family (or would it be "ruled by the Counts of Ritterburg"?)
Aasatru - Pantheon?
Abbashan - An Emirate of Ylaruam
Abrazhi - Chief of the Urdukkabila tribe (Fan-Fiction?)
Acroshiye - King of Shiye-Lawr
Actaeon - Elk Centaur
Actavius, Count - Count Geraldan Actius Actavius of Actius, Fleet Captain
Actius - A "Mainland" County of Thyatis
Adakkia - A Region of Davania (see also Adakkian Sound)
Adakkian Mounts - Mountain range in Davania
Adakkian Sound - region of Davania
Adilli - in the Arm of the Immortals
Adlerturm - A Barony of Glantri
Admiral of Ierendi - Jarren Kindle
Adri Varma Plateau - A largely unexplored plateau East of Kavkaz, North of Sind, and West of Glantri and Wendar
Aebhyrn Lwnn - Wendarian Centaurs (Fan-Fiction)
Aegir - redirect to Hymir
Aegopoli - in Aegos
Aegos - An Alphatian Kingdom in the Alatians
Aelios - A City-State in the Adakkian Sound region of Davania
Aendyr (family) - family of the Prince of Blackhill
Aerdol, Vyra - Magistrate of the Western Wendarian Ranges Free Province of Glantri (Fan-Fiction?)
Aeria (Kingdom) - An Alphatian Kingdom in the Alatians
Aeria (Univeristy of) - A University of Air Magics in Aeria
Aerical - An unexplored Hollow World continent north of Suridal, centered on 150° W, stretching between 60° N the Equator. Surrounded by the Tukluk Sea, the Sea of Eadh, the Wintlian Islands, the Aerimar Gauntlent, the Grey Sea, the Artic Ocean as well as the Mer of Utat (note: this should probably be shortened)
Aerimar Gauntlent - Hollow World
Aeryl - An ee'aar kingdom on an isolated plateau in the Arm of he Immortal's peninsula
Agundji - redirect to the Great One
Ahmanni Turtlerider - The Immortal
Ah'roog - In Shazak
Ahti - redirect to Protius
Ahua, Jaime "Honeycreeper" - A Makai lich mage-druid of Elegy Isle
Aifar - in Hollow World
Aiklin - "The Addled, Master of the University of Aeria
Ainsun - A Town and Region in Alfheim, home of the Grunalf clan
Air Elemaster - Immortal
Air Magics, University of - University of Aeria
Air, Plane of
Ait-tha - redirect to Talitha
Akesoli - City in Darokin
Akhal-Teke - A Light Horse breed of the Ethengarians
Akkar - Tribe in Yellow Orkia?
Akkila - Tribe in Hobgobland?
Akorros - City in Darokin
Akrass - in Lower Gobliny
Aksyri - Sindhi Aspect of Ixion
Akuba - A City-State on Skothar
Aland - A Jarldom of Ostland
Alasiya - An Emirate of Ylaruam
Alasiyan - A Human Ethno-Cultural group
Alasiyan (horse) - A Light Horse breed of the Ylari
Alatian Islands - This cluster of islands southeast of the Isle of Dawn and Southwest of Bellissaria are Alphatian colonies.
Alatian Sea
Al-Azrad - Trading House and family of Darokin
Albrondur, Lathsyr - ???
Alcade, Señor - Title of Don Esteban of Almarrón
Alcove Isle - in Ierendi
Alebane - Ogre-Lord of the Broken Lands, King of Lower Ogremoor
Alf Shadower - (Note: Or should he be under "S" for "Shadower, Alf"?)
Al-Fakish - redirect to ????
Alfeisle - In the Minrothad Guilds
Alfheim - An elven kingdom in the great forest of Canolbarth.
Alfheim Town - Capital of Alfheim
Alfwine - River in Alfheim near Elleromyr
Algorn's Last Stand - A Good Magic Point in Alfheim near Feador
Alhambra (Marquisate)- A Marquisate of Glantri (see Belcadiz)
Alhambra (Clan) - An Elf Clan of Glantri (see Belcadiz)
Alhasan - A City-State
Alinquin, Strait of
Aliston, Aaron - Author of many Mystara Products
Al-Kalim - The Immortal
Al-Kalim, Suleiman -
Al-Kalim, Eternal Truth of - Religion of Al-Kalim
Alleybrooke - A heartland of Darokin
Almarand - In Darokin
Almarea - in Northern Wildlands or in the Midlands ???
Almarrón (Estado de) - One of the Savage Baronies
de Almarrón y Escudor, Maximiliano - son of the former baron of Almarrón
Almashiye - An Elf-Clan of Elms
Aloysius Isle - In Ierendi
Alpha - A Kingdom of the kingdom of Norwold
Alpha (City/Town)
Alphaks - Immortal
Alphaks Volcano
Alphatia (Continent) - A Continent West of Skothar, North-West of Bellissaria, North-East of the Isle of Dawn, East of Brun.
Alphatia (Empire of)
Alphatia (Immortal)
Alphatian - A Human Ethno-Cultural group
Alphatian Imperial Territories
Alps, Glantrian - (or should this be under "G" for "Glantrian Alps"?)
Alrethus - Hulean Mage
Altan Tepes - Mountain Range
Altan Tepes Borderland - Borderland of Darokin
Altendorf (Glantri)
Altendorf (Heldann)
Amalur lowlands - A Region of Davania
Amanth - A Red Dragon King
Amanthyr - the Dragon Kingdom of Amanth
Ambassador, the (Immortal)
Ambur (Kingdom) - A kingdom of Alphatia
Ambur (Dragon) - A Red Dragon King
Amburyr - the Dragon Kingdom of Ambur
Amon - redirect to Odin
Amsorak, Lake
Amsorak, Borderland - A Borderland of Darokin
Anathy Archipelago - in the Hollow World
Anchorage - A community in Easterhold
Andras (Fan-Fiction?)
Anglais - native Language of the Fens
Angorit - An independent Ryaset on the Serpent Penninsula
Angrboda - redirect to Demogorgon
Anne of Smokestone City, Lady - LB Trading Company (Fan-Fiction?)
Annwn - in Gwaithallin?
Ansimont - in Darokin
Antalian - Human Ethno-Cultural group
Antalian Cob - A Light Horse Breed
Antalian Peaks - Hollow World
Antalian Wastes - Hollow World
Antasyn - A Sandjak of Hule
Anuliindriendel - An elf caln in Calengar
Anumoneh - in Aeria
An-Ying Zhu Hou - redirect to Aracne Prime
Aoollin - in the Arm of the Immortals
Aphrodite - redirect to "Kythria" or redirect to "IM2"?
Apollo - redirect to "Palson" or redirect to "IM2"?
Apophis - redirect to Bachraeus
Apsur - A kingdom of Nimmur (The "Low Realm")
Aquas - A sea-Kingdom of Alphatia (or Aquas, Domed City)
Ar - see Arkan
Aracne Prime - Immortal
Arapaloosa - A Light Horse breed of the Savage Coast
Aravjuk - redirect to Harrow
Arcadia - A Barony in Norwold
Arch of Fire - Elemental Gate in Norwold
Archer Bush - A type of dangerous plant found on Mystara
Ardannabras, High Master Admiral-Knight - Order of the Lake
Ardelphia - Ruins in Darokin
Ardelphia, Borderland - A Borderland of Darokin
Ardjes - Village in Glantri known for its slate-tiles
Arduinna - redirect to Diulanna
Argandir - in Icevale
Ares - redirect to "Bemarris" or redirect to "IM2"
Arik - Immortal
Argos - A Green Dragon
Argul - Tribe in Hobgobland?
Arkan - A Kingdom of Alphatia
Arloen Treelife - Senior clan speakesman to the Council of Clans (Note: Should this entry be under "T" for "Treelife, Arloen"?)
Arm of the Immortals
Arna - redirect to Gorrziok
Arnelee - Immortal
Arnus Valley
Arogansa - A Kingdom of Alphatia
Artic Ocean
Artic Wastes - Region of Norwold
Aryptia - A Region of Davania
Ashanti - redirect to Valerias
Asharya - redirect to Aracne Prime
Ashtiru - redirect to ????
Ashupta Khan, Jalil - Maharajah of Putnabad
Ashuptas, the - A Himaya caste family of Putnabad
Asterius (Immortal)
Asula - "the Blue faced Woman" (Fan-Fiction?)
Asvoria Treesearcher - Elven Swan Ship Owner/Pilot (Note: Should she be under "T" for "Treesearcher, Asvoria"?)
Atacalpa - In Azcan Empire
Atacoatli - In Azcan Empire
Athena - redirect to "Lokena" or redirect to "IM2"?
Athenos - Port in Darokin
Atikai - (former) Khan of the Murkits
Atlass Ocean - Hollow World
Ator - A gurrash Kingdom in the Bayou
Ator I "Old Grey Fangs", Queen - Queen of Ator
Atruaghin (Immortal)
Atruaghin Clans - the Children of Atruaghin
Atruaghin Plateau
Attura - A Green Dragon Queen
Atturamak - the Dragon Kingdom of Attura
Atzachtli - In Azcan Empire
Atzanteotl (Immortal)
Aulrun - in Aeryl?
Auragentus - ???
Aureliano, General - Baldassare Patrizio Aureliano, Count of Lucinius
Avarica - A Barony of Robrenn
Avernos - A Duchy of Robrenn
Averoignians - A Human Ethno-Cultural group
Avien Plains - In Denagoth
Awog - in Gombar?
Ayazi - Sindhi Aspect of Ixion
Ayodhya - redirect to Ilsundal
Axateotl - In Azcan Empire
Azadgal - See East Jhengal
Azardjian - A Magocracy in Kavkaz
Azcan - A Human Ethno-Cultural Group
Azcan Empire - Hollow World
Azem - A Gold Dragon Queen
Azemur - the Dragon Kingdom of Azem
Aztlan - in Azcan Empire
Aztlan (Gulf) - Hollow World


This one's probably missing even more than A. Great to see that this site started to take off as I was gone. — Greg Weatherup 2008/07/01 02:37

Baamor - Region of Wendar
Bachraeus - An Immortal
Badlands - Savage Coast
Bakalgu the Destroyer - The most powerful hakomon of Ethengar.
Balitan - Tribes in the Midlands
Balkurwarf, Gilla - Baroness of Buhrohur and head of cal Farkres
Baratkand - a Mumleyket of Sind
Bargle the Infamous - the court wizard of the Black Eagle Baron. Frequently a PC nemesis.
Barimoor - An ancient Alphatian wizard in the Desert Depths under Ylaruam who is attempting to achieve Immortality.
Barren Plain, the - coastal region of the Great Waste
Bartziluth - the Bugbear Immortal
Bastion of the Turtles - See O Bastia~o das Tartarugas
Batu Khan - Current khan of the Bortaks clan
Bay of Tlapac - Hollow World off the Azcan Empire
Bay of Uaxactun - Hollow World off the Azcan Empire
Bay of Wales - part of the Sea of Dread off the Atruaghin Clans lands.
Bear Clan - of the Atruaghin Clans
Beastman Wastes - Hollow World
Beira - colony of Texeiras ???
Belbion - Immortal alias of ??? in Bellayne
Belcadiz (Elf Clan) - Inhabitants of the Principality of Belcadiz
Belcadiz (Principality) - A principality of Glantri, home to the Belcadiz elves
Bellayne - Rakasta kingdom on the Savage Coast
Bellissaria - Continent west of Southern Skothar, East of the Southern Isle of Dawn, Southeat of Alphatia. Dominated by Alphatian kingdoms.
Bensarian the Sage - Human wizard in Wendar, friend of Gylharen and very knowledgable about elven history.
Berevrom - a Viscounty of Herath
Bergdhoven - Flaemish principality of Glantri
Bergen - A viscounty of Glantri
Bergholm - a Jarldom of Soderfjord
Berrym - a Marquisate of Glantri
Bettellyn - a Kingdom of Alphatia
Beugh - ???
Biazzan - A mainland Barony of the Thyatis centeret on the Greendale River Valley
Biazzan, Babrak Muhammad Al-Fahmas - Baron of Biazzan (note: or should this be under "A" for Al-Fahmas?)
Birgidir - a Kingdom of Hule
Bir-Razud - A tribe in South Gnollistan
Bistr - one of the Free Towns
Black Bellies - Tribe in the Badlands
Black Eagle Baron(y) - In Karameikos
Black Jack o' the Prairie - (Fan-Fiction?)
Black Mountains - A wild mountain range stretching from the Gulf of Hule, along the border between the basin of Hule and the Great Waste, and curving around to the Adri Varma Plateau.
Black Rajah, the - The ruler of Jaibul
Black Storm Clan - one of the clans of the White Orcs of the North (Fan-Fiction?)
Black Toes - A tribe in Red Orcland
Blackblade - Elf Clan of Ironwood
Blackheart - a Kingdom of Alphatia
Blackhill - A Principality of Glantri ruled by the Aendyr family (or should it be "ruled by the Counts of Silverstone?")
Blackrock - A Town in Easterhold
Blido - A Barony of Westrourke
Blizzard Clan - A clan of the White Orcs of the North (Fan-Fiction?)
Blofeld - A Barony of Glantri
Blue Bellies - A tribe in Red Orcland
Blue Feet - Tribe in the Badlands
Boddergard - A Jarldom of Soderfjord
Boldavia - A Principlaty of Glantri, home of the Boldavians
Boldavian - A Human Ethno-Cultural group descended from Traladaran refugees who settled in Boldavia
Boludir - A Kingdom of Hule
Borkmark - A Jarldom of Soderfjord
Borderland Magistrate - a governmental position amongst the remaining feudal domains of Darokin
Borderlands (Adri Varma) - home to Ungolwaith's
Borea - A region of the Midlands on Brun (???)
Bornbank - A Jarldom of Vestland
Bortaks (Clan) - one of the clans of Ethengar
Borydos - A Protectorate of Thyatis
Bramyra - A new Principality of Glantri
Brandholm - A Jarldom of Vestland
Brasol - region of Davania
Brasov (Kingdom of) - ??
Bre'goigne, Baronie de - A Barony of Renardy
Brennan, Lord - Baron & Borderland Magistrate of Farstead
The Broken Lands - Wastelands in the heart of the old world populated by nearly countless humanoid tribes and races.
Bronze Golem - One of the Mystaran Golems
Brun - A Continent east of Alphatia & the Isle of Dread, North of Davania, West and East of Skothar. The Heart of Mystaran Civilization.
Brute-Men Territories - Hollow World
Budavik - one of the Free Towns
Budve - One of the Free Towns
Buffalo Prairie, Barony - A remaining barony of Darokin under Commander William "Buffalo" Marny (Fan-Fiction?)
Buffalo Run - in the Bushwhack Prairie
Bugbears, Mystaran - Ursus Bipedis
Bugburbia - in the Broken Lands
Bugle Trail - a route through the Bushwack Prairie patroled by Cimmaronian cavalry.
Buraiyas - A cult of religious assassins in Sind dedicated to Kala
Clan Buhrodar
Buhrohur - A Dwarven barony of Thyatis in the hills and mountains sandwiched between the pass of Biazzan and the vale of the Mesonian in the Altan Tepes range.
Bulzan - A Voïvodina of Hule
Burning Waste, the - A region of the Great Waste
Burrowers of Tha-to - Hollow World (for now?)
Bushwack Prairie - West of Cimmaron


Cabinda, Porto - See Vilaverde (or should this be under P?)
Cactus Eaters Land - A region of El Grande Carrascal
Caerdwicca - A Thyatian Barony on the Isle of Dawn
Caernarfon - See Meridiona
Calavera, La Pampa - a region of El Grande Carrascal (or should this be under L or even P?)
Calengaer - The Green Ocean
Calitor - A Barony of Undersea
Callarii - An elven clan in Karameikos, noted Horse traders
Callister (family) - Head of Toney House in Darokin, inc. Mendel Callister
Camel Hump - ? (All I have is that it is near Flat noses land)
Canium - ? on the Tranquil Coast
Cape Westria - A Barony in Norwold
Cap Saint-Renard - See Renardie
Carola the Grappler - ? in Colima (fanfiction?)
Carrascal, El Grande - See El Grande Carrascal
Carytion - A "Mainland" Island Protectorate of Thyatis
Castelbianco - A Viscounty in Glantri
Castellan - A Jarldom of Soderfjord
Catherine I "the Lioness" of Dorsythe - Queen of Bellayne
Caurenze - A Principality of Glantri
Cay - the Bayou Kingdom of the Caymas
Cay-men - ?
Cedar City - aka Manereteriel in Calengar
Celithrarith - aka Oak City in Calengar
Central Towers - ? in the Hollow World
Cestia - A large island off Davania
Chengouch - See Kavkaz
Chihuatli - Princess of the Azcan Empire
Chitlacan - Region?/City? of the Azcan Empire
Chitlaloc, Lake - a Lake in Azcan Empire lands
Cestia, Isle of - See Satosya
Chestnut Tree City - aka Sebrildur in Calengar
Chevalle - A Kingdom in Klagorst
Chevas - A dominion in Norwold
Children of Atruaghin - another name for the Atruaghi or the Atruaghin Clans
Chitine - A Barony in Norwold
Chura - A Zatrapy of Yezchamenid
Cimmaron County - One of the Savage Baronies
Cimmaron (Family) - General Cimmaron, Earl of Cimmaron County, and his son Sir John "of the Wain"
Citadel - in Bettellyn
Ciudad Real - Capital of Gargona
Ciudad Tejillas - Capital of Almarrón
Chomm - a region of Ator
Chossum, Clan - an Elf clan of Kingdom of Alfheim
Clarhars - A Barony of Undersea
Claw Inlet - Waterway?
Claw Peninsula - A region in Cimmaron County
Cockerfield, Humphrey - Bishop of Kittings (fanfiction?)
Colima - Region?/City? of the Azcan Empire
colima Inlet - Waterway by the Azcan Empire?
Colinas Grutescas - ?
Colony of the Horn - A Texeiran colony
Copetez Grasslands - ? (all I have is that it is near Sierra Desperada)
Corunglain - Northern City of Darokin
Costella - a region of Almarrón
Cote des arbres - A region of the Arm of the Immortals
Cougars Bluff - a region in the Bushwack Praire
Cristobal, Barony - see Torre Cristobal
Cristobal, Don - Don of Guadalante (or should this be under D?)
Cristobal, Torre - see Torre Cristobal
Crna Valley - ?
Crownguard - A Viscounty of Glantri
Crystalwater - a region of the Arm of the Immortals
Cyclonia - A City State in the Addakkian Sound Region
Cymru, Hivebrood of - in the Swanamutu Region
Cynidicea - ?


Darokin, Republic of - A Strong mercantile nation in the heart of the old world
Darokinian (alternatively 'Daro') - Someone or something from Darokin
Davania - The large Southern continent of Mystara
Dawn, Isle of - Elongated island in the Sea of Dread
Dengar - capital of The Kingdom of Rockhome
Desnae - A Town and Region in Alfheim, home of the Chossum clan
Diamond Ranges, The - A region of Davania
Dread, Isle of - Iconic location in the Thanegioth Archipelago
Dread, Sea of - Ocean between Brun and Davania


Elk Centaur - see Actaeon
the Emirates, of Ylaruam - see The Emirates of Ylaruam
Everfeed - A large island off Davania
Evemur - City of The Kingdom of Rockhome dominated by Clan Skarrad dwarves
Everast - Royal Dwarven clan of Rockhome


Five Shires- Known World homeland of the Hin, on the shore of the Sea of Dread south of The Republic of Darokin and west of The Grand Duchy of Karameikos


Glantri - A balkanised magocracy in the north-east of the Known World
Genalleth Valley - The valley north of the Wendarian Ranges which includes Wendar
Golem [Mystaran] - Mystara has its own varieties of Golem
Golem, Bronze - see Bronze Golem
Gylharen - Lord & Wizard King of Wendar


Hin - Mystaran Halflings
Clan Hurwarf - One of the dwarven clans from The Kingdom of Rockhome


Ice Peaks, The - A region of Davania
IoD or IOD - Acronym which can refer to either the Isle of Dawn or the Isle of Dread
Isle of Dawn - Elongated Island in the Sea of Dawn
Isle of Dread - Iconic location in the thanegioth\Thanegioth Archipelago
Izonda - A region of Davania


Jarldoms of Soderfjord, The - Alternate name for The Soderfjord Jarldoms
Jorodrin Feadiel - Current clanmaster of the Feadiel Clan of Alfheim
Jungle Coast, The - A region of Davania


Karameikos - A land on the northern shore of the sea_of_dread west of (and politically tied to) The Thyatian Empire, south of The Republic of Darokin, and east of five_shires. Also, the ruling family of Karameikos.
Klintest - A lake in Rockhome


Leontius - A Thyatian praenomen and the name of four emperor's from the 1st and 2nd Centuries AC.


Makrest Clan - The Dwarven clan of the Barony of Buhrohur
Malfera - A Nightmare Dimension Creature
Markrast - Capital of Buhrohur and clan-hold of the Makrest Clan
Meghala Kimata - A region of Davania
Mystara - Name of the Campaign setting which this wiki is about.


Nagpuri - one of the mumlykets of Sind, bordering both The Republic of Darokin & the Atruaghin Clan's.
Nainpur - a village in nort-western Jaibul.
Nemkin Ylaka - also known as the Great Salt Swamp, a vast swamp in Sind.
Northern Reaches - collective term for the three northman realms of Ostland, Soderfjord, & Vestland
Norwold - A large frontier region in the North-east of Brun
Norwold (Kingdom) - An Alphatian kingdom proclaimed over most of Norwold


Oceania - A large island off Davania
Ochalea - A large island south of the Isle of Dawn with a distinctive culture
Oenkmar - A hidden city in a lava lake under the Broken Lands
Oltec - one of the three original ethnic groups of the first humans on Mystara
Oltecs, Kingdom of the - A region in the Hollow World preserving the original Oltec race and culture
Orc's Head Peninsula - A peninsula of the Savage Coast region shaped, some say, like an orc's head, between the Yalu Bay, the Savage Gulf, and Trident Bay
Ostland, Kingdom of - One of the Northern Reaches occupying several islands in the western Sea of Dawn


Pelatan - A region of Davania



Rockhome, Dwarven Kingdom of - Ancestral homeland of most Mystaran Dwarves in the Altan Tepes mountains


Serpent Coast - A region of Davania
Skarrad, Clan - One of the dwarven clans of Rockhome
Smaggeft - A town in Rockhome, siege of Clan Skarrad
Soderfjord Jarldoms, The - One of the northern_reaches
Stahl - City of Rockhome on the shores of Lake Stahl
Stahl, Lake - In Rockhome
Syrklist, Clan - one of the dwarven clans of Rockhome


Thyatian Empire - A major power in the world of Mystara
Torkrest Clan - One of the dwarven clans of Rockhome



Vestland, Kingdom of - One of the northern_reaches
Volund - Antalian Immortal of Meatallurgy, the Gods' Smith. Considered an elf in some versions of the legend.
Vulcan - Thyatian Immortal, Patron of Smiths and Armourers, Master of Constructions. Patron of artisans, engineers, and honest labour.
Vulcania - A region of Davania
Vulture Peninsula, The - A region of Davania
Vyalia - The elves inhabiting the dymrak forest of western Thyatis and eastern Karameikos. Also, the county of the same name consisting of the vyalian lands on the thyatian side of the border.


Wendar - A kingdom on the northern fringe of the Known World, populated by elves and humans
Wendarian Range - a high mountain range inbetween The Principalities of Glantri & wendar
Wyrwarf Clan - One of the dwarven clans of Rockhome


Xorg - A former dwarven fortress in the Orclands, now an orcish stronghold.


Yalu Bay - Body of water between the Arm of the Immortals and the rest of Brun
Yannivey, (alt: Yannifey) - Pre-Landfall inhabitants of Alphatia. Also a chain of islands NE of Alphatia.
Yavdlom, Most Serene Divinarchy of - Country on Thanegia Island and the southern Serpent Peninsula
Yavi - Someone or something from Yavdlom
Yezchamenid Empire - Country in Western Brun (though some fan versions have it as a historical alphatian empire)
Ylari - Someone or something from or of The Emirates of Ylaruam. Often misteakenly equated with the narrower term Alasiyan (q.v.) by outsiders.
Ylaruam, Emirates of - Country of the known_world on the western shore of sea_of_dawn north of The Thyatian Empire, east of The Republic of Darokin, and south of Rockhome and northern_reaches.


Zendrolion - a Thyatian praenomen and name of the first thyatian emperor.

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